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I need help in interpreting mri results

Please help me!
I have been sent to a Neurologist after an MRI. The results were not explained to me but sound scary. I have no health insurance and would like help understanding what all this means for my future and my pain.


There is straightening of the usual cervical lordosis.

The vertebral body heights and bone marrow signal intensities appear maintained.

There is an area of smudge-like increased signalseen in the anterier aspect of the spinal cord on one of the sagittal T2-weighted images. This is not found on other sequences and most likely represents a representation of Gibbs artifact. Otherwise, spinal cord appears unremarkable.

C2-C3through C4-5: Unremarkable
C5-6: One mm broad based posterier bulge/spondylosis. Unciate hypertrophy with spondylotic faraminal encroachment on the right.
C6-7: Unremarkable
C7-T1: Unremarkable


1. Straightening of the usual cervical lordosis.
2. C5-6 level shows uncinate hypertrophy and spondylotic foraminal encroachment on the right side.
3. Smudge-like area of increased signal intensity in the cervical spinal cord seen at the C2-3 disc interspace level on one sequence only. This is most likely an artifact. However, a postcontrast follow-up study would be helpful to rule out the presence of an enhancing lesion.

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