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Question can high or low blood pressure cause passingout ?need advice.

hi everyone. im just wondering something about blood pressure. up untill i was put on lisinopril 10 mgs. like way before, id say 5 yrs, i allways had high b/p of 150/100 or 160/99 or less. i was never put on b/p meds. i was also alot younger.

well i had surgery in jan 06 and b/p was good up untill around april 07 and my good internal dr found my b/p high -- it was 160/105 and hr was 125-130. so he gave me a chart to keep track of it for awhile. well it was way up, like say 180/100 or 105, and hr was allways high so he started me on lisinopril 10 mgs. now when i see the dr it runs like 104/69 or 118/75 or 120/80. hr is between 60_92 so is this good blood pressure??

and another thing -- i passout. been passingout since sept 06, only not as much. now its more often but the people that sees me faint say it looks more like a seizure
thean my b/p. im having a tilt table test done on friday jan 18th. and im having my husband buy me a b/p kit. also can anyone tell me what the tilt table test will tell me?? im also seeing a neuro dr for my passingout spells because it also could be seizures since i have had them as a small child.

so im just a bit confused. what does one feel if we have low or high b/p? do we feel anything if its high or low or is it silent ?? im just looking for some answeres is all as i been passingout for over a year now and i just want it to stop or find out the cause. i cant drive nor even take walks or go into stores. i have to use a wheelchair anytime i go out. i passout in my home as well. i have horrible headaches and i get real dizzy too so if anyone out there can help me with my questions it would really help me understand a bit more as im so very confused.
gods angel

thanks any support would be so helpfull.


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