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Originally Posted by trg247 View Post
There are no general guidelines to determine how long a hospital stay will last. The criteria they look at is 1) Is the person stable 2) Do they pose a risk for themselves or others 3) Is there available support in the community.

If there has been an introduction of a new med they may be waiting to see it true effect as some of them take a while to really kick in and there also may be behaviors that are appearing during the stay that are causing some concern.

I have done a couple of long hospital stays and dealing with the staff and other patients at points seem to be a lot harder then dealing with the illness it self, mind you the illness could be the reason why relationships are difficult.

Unfortunately in this country a lot of hospital stays come down to bed availability and if someone appears to need the bed more then someone else then there discharge tends to be moved up

sorry I could not help more

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Thanks for your reply, the maddening part is the hospital will tell us nothing ie is sh improving getting worse etc. Will she be worse off if she leaves then when she went in if she leaves in, wil she stop asking to come home? Its all so hard to understand and accept when no one will tell us anything.