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Re: Stay length

I am going to assume your daughter is over 18 as that is when patient confidentiality really cuts off the parents. The only way to get around the lack of information is that your daughter needs to request from her doctor and the staff to share information with you or else legally they are not allowed to tell you at least that is how it works here. Different countries do have different laws so it might be different there.

Both of my hospital stays I checked myself out basically, the first time I manipulated the doctor to sign the form to release me the second time I had the doctor admit the hospital was not in a position nor qualified for that matter to treat me so there was no point in me staying there. The first time was a mistake as I was in no position to be responsible for myself and the next crash proved it. The last time I believe I did the right thing as I was not getting any better in the hospital and the enviroment was beginning to be overwhelming. It is a gamble when you sign yourself out. Getting out of the hospital alone especially after you been there awhile is hard enough as your so use to other people making decisions for you and telling you what to do.

Bipolar is a tricky disorder and it takes a bit to find the right meds at the right levels that will enable the person to live a normal life unfortunately like all mental meds there are no guarantees that the med will work so there is a lot of trial and error which takes time. A lot of the mood stabilizers need to be within a certain range to be effective or else they are useless or close to it and again it takes awhile to hit the right level and maintaining it. Nothing in mental health happens for the positive quickly every thing seems to come down to waiting

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