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Red Itchy Rash and Peeling Skin All Over

About two weeks ago I had the stomach flu and it was pretty horrible so three days into the flu I took Imodium. A day and a half afterwards my skin on my stomach, sides, hands and upper arms turned all red and itched pretty bad. My skin was red for a couple of days and then it started to peel hardcore, especial my biceps which had a rash all over them. Now the rash just looked like a normal red spotted rash that wasn’t really bumpy at all. Now the rash has gone away from my biceps and stomach, but now it seems like it has migrated to my thighs, which have the rash all around and are itching like crazy. Also my hands, thumbs and fingers are peeling like crazy and it looks kind of gross in public. What the heck is this? My mom seems to think it is scarlet fever but I didn’t have the whole hacking cough thing, just a strong fever when I first got this stuff but now I feel fine besides the rash on my thighs and the skin on my hands/fingers peeling.

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