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Re: Facial Hair

The fact is, shaving will not make more hair grow back. This was first proven in 1927 by Dr. Mildred Trotter, and it has been repeatedly tested and proven an old wives tell many times over.

Now tweezing facial hair (other than brows) on the other hand, can stimulate more new growth. When you tweeze (wax, sugar, epilady, thread) the hair, you are ripping the hair off the papilla at the bottom of the follicle. The papilla is the part of the follicle where the hair is connected to your blood supply and receives nourishment from the blood supply. The body senses that ripping as an injury and rushes blood in to repair the damage. You are born with approximately 1000 hair follicles per square inch of skin. Only a few of those follicles are being used. But when you increase the blood supply to an area over and over again as tweezing does, it eventually stimulates those dormant follicles to start producing hair. This is very common on the muzzle area of the face where blood circulation is already high. The opposite is true for legs. As we age, the blood circulation in our legs decreases as does the hair. Many people mistakenly credit waxing their legs for this decrease in hair, when in fact, they would have hair loss on the legs as they aged had they never waxed.

The unibrow is genetic. The upper lip hair could be an early sign of a hormonal imbalance.

For temporary removal, it's ok to tweeze or wax the brows, just be careful to not over tweeze. The skin in the brow area is different from other facial skin. It develops scar tissue easily and can damage the follicles to the point that the hairs won't grow back. This is one of the reasons you see so many women with over-tweezed brows. They tweezed them thin when it was in style, and now they won't grow back in.

For the upper lip, you can clip, shave or bleach. Depilatories may be an option if your skin can handle it. They dissolve hair and because skin and hair are made of the same thing, they can dissolve skin as well.

For permanent results, there are only 2 options, electrolysis and laser. Laser hair removal is not recommended on the brows or unibrow. Laser is most effective on dark coarse hair like you would see under the arms or pubic area. Electrolysis is the only safe option on or around the brows. It's also a better choice for small areas like the upper lip.

If your periods are irregular or you have other signs/smyptoms, please consider seeing an endocrinologist or gynecologist to make sure you aren't in the early stages of a hormone imbalance.