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Re: Need help making changes

Jogging in the morning (or whenever you can fit it in) is a great start. Every day that you're able to is okay to do cardio. You might want to look into a jump rope or some aerobic DVDs for some variety and to have an option if for any reason you can't go outside for cardio. For strength training, you actually have a lot of options even without a gym. If you want to get a set of resistance bands, you're variety greatly increases.

How many pushups and squats can you do in 1 set now? Do you have any bar/ledge you can do pullups on? You'll only want to do 3 days a week of strength training so your muscles have an opportunity to recover between sessions, but you really need to stress them in order to see progress in strength and mass.

Diet might be a bit tougher. Planning out and timing each meal and snack and pre-packing each portion might help. If you can figure out roughly how many calories you need to be eating to lose weight, ideally you should fairly evenly divide those calories into each meal, or do 3 "squares" a little more and the snacks a little smaller so you don't feel like you're just nibbing all day. I don't know what will work for you, but smaller main meals and snacks of things like raw nuts, jerky, vegetables, low fat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein shakes, fruit or even a small portion of beans and rice will work fine. You can even split a meal like a sandwich in two so you have half for lunch and half as a snack. There's a lot of room to fit your tastes and lifestyle.
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