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Re: Polio not Post Polio - VAPP

Janet, you know its hard to pace my activities with a 1 and 3 year old, I love being a mom and I try allways to do my best, also I have a lot of help from Kevin and his parents, they live not to far from us now. I do understand it is important to wear my brace allmost all the time, I can get around the house OK without it but I have to use my right hand to push my leg back which makes it hard to take care of the kids that way. With my brace on I only have to use my right hand to unlock it to sit down.

When I was younger I hated my brace and shoe lift, I thought they make me look like a freek and I would do anything to not wear it. I think one of the main reasons I went with my mom when she move from CA to GA is she would let me go without my brace, my grandma allways made me wear it. I did'nt wear it for over a year, I had alot of pain in my right knee and also in my back from walking with my leg so much shorter. And sometimes I would fall. After I got to be friends with Kevin he asked me about my leg and if there was anything that could help me walk better and not fall. Finally I told him I had a brace, he said if it help me walk better than why not use it. I was so scared what he would think but he said it made me look more beautiful not to limp so bad, I think thats when I start to realize I love him.

I hope the PPS stays away at least until my kids are older. We want to have another baby but we decided to wait a few years. Pregnancy is hard for me, I have to use a crutch to walk in the last few months. We are only 23 so theres plenty of time, I just dont want to wait to long and have my polio get worst when I have a little one.

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