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Re: Need help making changes

You can't jog in resistance bands. Well you can, but that's complicating things. Resistance bands are basically a cheap replacement for weights to do strength training with. And the reason I bring up pullups is because you need to keep a balance of strength in pushing and pulling muscles (chest and back). If you dont have anything to do pullups with, some kind of rowing will suffice - which can be done with the bands.

For pushups, aim for as many as you can do for 3-6 sets with no more than 90 seconds between sets. When that gets too easy, start propping your your feet higher. Since you can do high reps with squats, you should consider adding some weight. Holding books or milk jugs or anything easy to hold and still squat will increase the intensity and effectiveness of the squats. Again, as many as you can do for 3-6 sets. Same for crunches and any king of rowing exercise you can do for back.
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