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Re: More Than Depression... Is It BPD???

Right off the bat no one here is qualified to diagnose anyone with anything all we can do is speak through our own experiences and perspective. It does look at the very least that you have borderline tendencies and this is an area that should be addressed. Medication usually do not work well on a personality disorder as nothing is wrong chemically. The best med for me has been Seroquel which allows my brain to run at a normal pace instead of racing where most of my borderline tends to thrive and I end up paying for it. There is a treatment for borderline called DBT or Dialectical behavioral therapy that has shown great progress but it is not offered in too many places. To fix borderline it requires that you become really aware of your thought process and the reasoning behind each thought with Borderline there is always a reason and normally it is to best serve our fragile self image so you need to be able to reach a point to determine whether the reason is to best serve yourself or the reason is what best suits the question or situation. At the same time you need to realize a lot of so called mental professionals use the borderline diagnosis as a catch all for difficult clients.

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