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Re: Desertbloom - Your Sleep Problems

Osteoblast-no I haven't let him back yet; actually, I think he likes the current arrangement because when I'm well-rested I'm not near as crabby to deal with! Good thing we have a solid marriage eh?
Desertbloom-you know what the sleep specialist told me?(I never followed the advice, but here's what he told me to do): he said "Calculate the total amount of sleep you're getting (which for me was about 5 hours). Then determine what time you're going to get up. Then subtract one from the other (for example, 5 hours sleep with a wake-up time of 6:30 equals 1:30AM). Then, force yourself to stay awake until 1:30AM, go to bed then and get up at 6:30 no matter how tired you are. When you can stay asleep the whole 5 hours (or whatever you decide), you can add 1/2 hour to your sleep time i.e. you can go to bed at 1AM. Then, when you stay asleep for that 5 1/2 hours, add another 1/2 hour. And so on, until you can sleep 7-8 hours straight."
This is what I posted on the sleep board, and like I said they didn't give me the time of day. We osteo board contributors are truly the best !