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Re: Desertbloom - Your Sleep Problems

Hi Monte: It's interesting you mentioned the eye masks, since I've been using one of those for years. They do really help since we only have shear curtains in our room. I use the type that has a magnets in it, because it's suppose to help open your nasal passage-don't know if it really does though. I've been wondering if the magnets could have a negative effect on your eyes because I've developed some new probs with my on going eye probs. I have a lot of trouble sleeping because I can't breathe through my nose so I've started using a netti pot, and believe it or not it is really helping all the congestion, you just have to get used to putting water/saline up your nose till it runs out the other nostril-but it really isn't bad and it's helping so much that I don't have to breathe out of my mouth, which I've been doing for years-NOT FUN.

I haven't tried the radio, but I do find that some t.v. will makes me fall asleep, it just depends on how "boring" the show is. And you hit the nail on the head I definitely have a racing mind, which always hits at bed time. To counteract that I try praying, doing yoga breathing or reading and that sometimes helps.

Starfish: I'm also going to try your suggestion since it was the exact same thing I learned in college psychology to regulate your circadian rythms.

Osteo: I'm going to look for the tapes/dvds you suggested since I have gift cards, at various stores for Christmas presents which I haven't used yet. I really want to find a dvd that I can pop in and follow just before going to sleep like I used to do with my Rodney Yee PM yoga routine which I really miss

One last thing is you aren't suppose to use your computer within 2-3 hours of bedtime, and right now I breaking that rule and do it all the time. It has something to do with the energy that's emitted from the screen and the fact that you don't blink much while reading the screen, which is a factor in my new and fun eye disorder, that really hurts

If I left anyone out on their suggestions, don't worry I'm trying them ALL!!!!

Thanks everyone you're all just GREAT!!!!

Angels describe all of you. Aren't I really lucky to have all of you?

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