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Re: Desertbloom - Your Sleep Problems

Hi Aleta: I've never tried the nasal strips, but I'm going to know. No one ever told me that the dark circles under my eyes were from nasal congestion, but I knew that it was, I also had surgery for a deviated septum, but it didn't solve this problem of not bein able to breathe.

The jala neti must be the same thing I'm doing. Does your husband pour water and saline into his nostril? That's what a netti pot does. Your pour it up one nostril while you head is tipped to the side and it comes out the other nostril. I know this sounds weird, but it does help, it just doesn't completely open my nasal passage. My husband is gross and calls the netti pot, nasal douche-disgusting.

My mom had the same problem with polyps, and she had the dark circles, but not as bad as mine. It's so embarrassing

Thanks for asking your Dr about the fibrocystic question, I still don't know what med I'll switch to after forteo, but I like the idea of Evista the best. I wish there were other choices out there, because I don't really want to do the iv bisphos, but they say it causes less gi probs.

I'll let you know how the strips go, it sure would be nice to breathe at night. I tried many different ear plugs to block out our neighbors dog, but I couldn't get any of them to stay in, they would pop out when I move. I'm really learning a lot from this thread the good advice just keep going...

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