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Re: Desertbloom - Your Sleep Problems

Hi Aleta: Thanks for the kind words about my posts!!! When I look at them I just about cry, bad spelling, grammar, sentence structure-my english professors would shoot me I always wanted to write, but I don't have IT.

I think I'm just lucky on the research, but I do enjoy it so that makes it interesting. It's like solving a mystery and I love a good mystery. When I was working that's all I did was research, but in the stuffy old law libraries.

I had my surgery back in the dark ages, so I would imagine the procedure has changed a lot by now. It is truly amazing how far medicine has advanced in the last 30 years. I remember when cod liver oil was the cure for everything, "oh mom I broke my foot, take some cod liver oil that'll fix you right up"-just kidding. My surgery was done in '75, when I was 21, so I would hope the things that didn't work for me have been fixed. I also had a lot of bleeding probs afterwards which didn't help things that much, and I had to keep the packing in way too long. They probably don't use that packing anymore-tubes and cotton packing stuck deep into you nasal passages.

I'm glad you gave me your recipe for the Jala Netti-sounds so glamorous-Jala Netti and in sand skrit as well It does feel like you just got out of the ocean... I've been trying to come up with an explanation of the sensation for my hubby, since I'm trying to talk him into doing it as well. So far I haven't had any luck but he suffers from the same probs, he just won't try anything new. Maybe if I call it nasal juice, ROFL, he'll try it. I use the packets that come with the neti pot, and they aren't cheap, and who knows what else they put in it. The only thing I notice is the salt taste. One problem I have with it is-every once in a while-it comes out my mouth, which it's not suppose to do. They say if this happens you aren't bending your neck far enough to the opposite side, so when I bend further it doesn't happen, but it hurts my neck since I'm having trouble with multiple discs in that area.

Thanks again to you and everyone else, and "I" enjoy reading your posts and everyone elses too, that's the best part of this board. I just hope we don't ever get too depressive here, even though there are plenty of things to be depressed about, it's just that I can't handle it when a board turns overly depressive, because I then have to leave it forever Even when life is really rough, you still have to keep laughing-at least for just a few minutes

I'll be thinking of you with my nasal juice tonight