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Re: Cast Claustrophobia

Originally Posted by PDing View Post
I had the cast put on yesterday after 10 days in a splint. I had mentioned to my Dr. that I have cast claustrophobia, but my doc wanted to see how well I'll hold up in a cast since I have been in a cast for 3 weeks before. Unfortunately being in the cast previously for 3 weeks increased the severity of the claustrophobia. I went to bed at 11:30pm and woke up at 12:30am in sweat and freaking out about the cast. The foot was elevated and iced while I slept, but didn't help the situation. There is about a 1/4" of the cast that's slightly touching my little toe and it's the main reason why I'm freaking out. It's making my toes feel confined because I can't freely wiggle them. Controlling my breathing only helps for a short moment.

I can't even go back to sleep now because of it and a scissor and a flat-head screwdriver is looking very tempting right now.
Oh my god. I just searched cast clautrophobia and found this thread. Finally I'm not the only one. I just had achilles tendon surgery and I have major cast claustrophobia. In fact, my claustrophobia was getting so bad before the injury that if I wore a tight shirt under my work uniform and it was hot I would completely freak out. I remember thinking if I ever hurt myself and needed a cast I was going to go insane. I have fully explained my situation with my Doctor and I think he thinks I want a boot so I can take it off sooner. Zero sympathy.

I wake up at night in a full panic. I turn on the fan and open the door so the cool air can come inside and I try to get mind off it in some way. What helps calm me down is knowing that i can take off the temporary cast that is on now, even though I never have. Unfortunately I'm scheduled for a full cast next wednesday and I have a feeling it will be coming off in some sort of panicked rage. I'm trying to find a way to get a different doctor who understands my situation and is willing to work with me.

I'm a total mental midget being held hostage by something that is only in my mind! LOL did it all work out?