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Re: Cast Claustrophobia

I was in a cast for a couple of weeks...doc was trying the conservative treatment first, which did not work..I will have to have surgery on Feb. 21 to repair a chipped bone and torn ligament. I, TOO, HAVE CAST CLAUSTROPHOBIA!!!!!! I didn't even know such an official term existed!!!!! My heart starts to palpitate and a terrible panic takes hold!!!! I DREAD THE WHOLE PROCESS BECAUSE I ALSO FEAR GENERAL ANESTHESIA AND WILL HAVE AN EPIDURAL INSTEAD, which I am fearing because I know I will panic as my lower body begins to go numb!!!!!!!!!! I know the fear is irrational but I have it !!!!!!! I cannot tolerate any type of sedation !! I am going to beg the doc to just give me a regional block which would numb just the area below the knee into the foot instead of the epidural which will numb the entire lower half of my body!!!!!! I am so glad to have read that others have this irrational fear and claustrophobia and therefore understand it.....I am trying to prepare by practicing deep breathing and visualization!! Even as I fall asleep at night I try and rehearse being numb from the waist down for the surgery and then having the dreaded cast afterward which will cause terrible claustrophobia!!! What a dilemma... I am going to beg for a splint then a boot, but I don't think doc will go for it!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!! from tigerlily AKA windrunner !!!