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Re: Cervical Laminectomy

Hello Ed
Sorry to hear about your continuing problems. I've been on this forum for 3 years now, and have observed two types of situations people have. First, there are people who have a problem, are here for awhile and then maybe have surgery, and then they are 'gone' because their problems are resolved. The second type, are the folks who have continuing problems, and they tend to participate in discussions over the long haul. I regret that I get to be a member of this second group.

As for your concern over a 3 level fusion - I think it depends somewhat on which levels are involved. Each additional level that gets fused causes a little greater loss of range of motion. I have been fused from C4/5/6/7 in two ACDF surgeries, and so I've had to adjust in how I look around to see things. I've lost probably 40% of what I used to have; it would be a lot more if C2/3 were fused, and a great deal more if C1/2 were fused (but I haven't seen a lot of people here with trouble at those levels).

Just curious - why do you feel that the fusion approach is less desired, as a way to treat problems at multiple levels?

In any case, I wish you the best of outcomes!