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small cut on my penis on edge of urethra

I got this small cut right at the opening to the urethra on saturday. Its right on the lip, you might say. It doesn't hurt much anymore (it did the day I got it) but I don't know how its going to clear up without getting infected. I can see the cut making progress and becoming a bruise but every time I urinate that bruise is usually gone when its done, leaving only the cut. Now I don't feel any pain urinating, and only occasional discomfort in the penis in general, however I'm afraid of getting an erection, and have avoided doing that these last two days, as I feel this might stretch the skin in the area, thus opening the cut wider.

Yesterday, I mentioned this problem to my dad who found some antibacterial fluid, called Bactine (an antiseptic and anesthetic, for what that's worth) and told me to squirt a drop or two on the cut from time to time which should kill any bacteria and help it heal. I started doing that but now I wonder if its dangerous because some of it inevitably falls into my urethra and I guess goes through my bloodstream (and this did say on the warning not to be taken internally). Now sometimes I feel tiny numbing shocks in certain areas around my legs from time to time and I wonder if the Bactine now in my bloodstream caused that (and how much of a hazard is having the bactine in my bloodstream through the penis). The cut has not come close to healing and now the center of the head of my penis is becoming a bit redder, although still not much pain or discomfort. But I don't know if I'm going about this the wrong way. I do not have medical coverage with my job right now so I am afraid to see a doctor.

Also throughout this, I've smelled a strange odor whenever I pull down my pants to look at my penis, very unpleasant and somewhat reminds me of the smell it had when I had a urinary tract infection a few years ago (which I deathly fear happening again). I don't know whether that is the bactine in there or the urine mixing with the blood. Also the urine never changes to strange colors or bleeds. Am I perhaps freaking out over nothing here? What's the right way to fix this or will it just go away on its own if i leave it alone?

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