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Post embryo adoption

I am not sure if anyone is familiar with embryo adoption. But a friend of mine is trying it. I saw a story about it on Dateline NBC about 8 months ago. My girlfriend had poor egg quality after 8 years of infertility she is still trying to concieve. She has done about 18 IUI and 4 IVF's. She also adopted a baby boy 3 yrs ago.
She was about to adopt a little girl and after having her for 24 hrs the 13 yr old mother changed her mind and took her back. She was devestated.

After I saw the show I told her about adopting other peoples frozen embryos that are finished with their families and do not want to destroy them. Another friend gave her an article.
She decided it was perfect for her because she wanted to adopt but she also wanted to experience pregnancy. She would be adopting a child nine months early and incubate it herself.

Well, she found a fertiltiy clinic and got embryos and this Sunday is her transfer. She is so excited after 8 years to finally have the chance to be pregnant.

I thought I would share her story because it is not advertised because of low number of embryos to adopt. But for some this is an option that could be useful. Remeber this was not available to her 8 yrs ago. So for those of you who feel like nothing is working remember next yr they may have something new.

I my self do not have 8 yrs to do infertility because of my age so it is best for me to know all my options up front so I can make an educated decision about my care. Good luck everyone

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