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Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!

Hello, I am new to the HealthBoards but look forward to communicating with everyone. I had Microdiscectomy surgery Jan 07 for a ruptured disc and within a week of the surgery developed a high fever and felt alot of pressure in my rectum. I thought I had an infection related to the back surgery and notified my surgeon. I started on Levaquin and after about 4-5 days the fever went away but the pain in my rectal area continued. Soon I developed a knot on the side of my rectum and had to see a surgeon who diagnosed me with an abscess. After going in twice for the abscess to be drained I got some relief but it did not go away. I went to see a Colorectal Surgeon and he thought it was just an abscess and we continued antibiotics, sitz baths, cortisone cream etc. I went back for my followup and insisted that there was still a problem. He scheduled an exam under anesthesia and drained the abscess again and packed it. I had this procedure twice and all the time I could still feel a pain that would not go away after the surgery. Thank goodness the surgeon was out of town and I had to see his partner, he said I had a fistula that had formed from the abscess.

I have been suffering with this for over a year now and have had 4 procedures......still not well.......I had a Ceton placed in the summer last year and this was suppose to keep the fistula from getting infected and maybe allow it to heal. It only caused irritation, although I only had to have antibiotics twice in 5 months to keep the abscess from coming back. Finally the Ceton came out which was a blessing because it caused such irritation I could hardly stand it.

The Ceton caused an anal fissure to form so now I have 2 problems. I have tried all the usual prescribed creams, etc and nothing is working. I saw the surgeon last week and he now wants me do another surgery to put a collogen plug in the fistula and Botox injections in the fissure. I have read so much about the problems with fissures and fistulas that I am feeling very anxious and not sure what to do.

If all this is not enough, I have this leakage after each bowel movement and I wipe constantly even after an hour of going to the bathroom I still have this brown stuff on the tissue. This also causes me to feel irritated . Please help, sorry this is lenghtly but I wanted to tell the full story. Thanks, Janet

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