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Daughter's Operation For Oral Cancer

Just wanted to post about my daughter and hope this helps anyone here that has any suspecious lumps, sores, lesions, on the tongue, inside of mouth, etc. My daughter noticed a bump on the left side of her tongue about 5 weeks ago. She immediately went to her dentist, who sent her to an oral surgeon. He did a biopsy and unfortunately it came back as oral cancer. However, being that she was tight on top of things, her surgeon feels that she will be ok.

She was operated on yesterday, the tumor was removed, as well as her lymph nodes on the left side. Her surgeon feels the lymph nodes look good, although we ae waiting for the biopsy results. She also had a broncoscope test before surgery, and it turned out good, no cancer showing.
The operation took 5 hoyrs, and she is still in the hospital, and on a treachea, but recovering well.

I just want to urge anyone that has any strange signs of lumps, bumps, red patches that persist, etc., to have it checked out immediately. This is the important part, and can be very crucial to a complete recover. So, please, everyone, take heed and act fast.

We are not sure yet if daughter needs any chemo, but we are taking one step at a time. I just wanted to share this with everyone, and thanks for listening. I wish everyone here good luck with anything you may be going through.


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