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Re: DPU...who knew?

Hello Everyone,

It's been awhile. How are all of you? and welcome to people I haven't heard from before. DPU means 'delayed pressure uticaria.' Although from what 'Terminator' has written I think some of mine are more typical to delayed pressure angioedema.

In October I adopted a retired racing greyhound. Adjusting to this wonderful dog has taken some time and energy but has been great for my morale. He keeps me walking daily, discovering new trails in this beautiful northern Minnesota city; he naps most of the rest of the time and is great company.

I have adjusted my lifestyle and am doing fairly well. I still notice lack of sleep makes the DPU's worse. The other morning I had them all over my back and it took a while before I remembered that I had done some yoga exercises on the floor the previous morning...I will try and keep it up more regularly and see if my body adjusts.

There are times when I hate limiting my activities and the general invisibility of this condition that makes it hard for others to know or understand that (or why) I live the kind of life I do. Other times I am so glad when I discover a new way to make a difference. We are in the midst of an interesting political campaign and I am excited to be able to volunteer calling people to encourage them to vote.

Thanks again to all of you for sharing,

Julie J.