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Re: delayed pressure uticaria

Hi there,
So glad there is someone to talk to about this terrible condition, I posted on another thread a couple of weeks ago but have had no reply, you can find my posting in what finally cured my chronic hives, I posted there because alot of the users knew alot about the subject.
I am learning to cope with dpu but am finding life in general a real strain as my family do not understand anything about it, my daughter calls me a drama queen when I am not able to walk due to swelling on my feet and I have to stay in bed to relieve the symptoms.
I had been diagnosed with DPU although I had guessed through research that was what it was, I also have chronic urticaria and anything can cause me to wheal.
I am having lots of blood tests done at the moment, the first tests came back normal and these were for thyroid and infections, since going to the dermotologist he had written a letter to my doc advising what to test for, and the latest tests include lupus which can be assoiciated with chronic urticaria this is called lupus urticaria.
I am taking 3x hydroxyzine at night and 2x loratine in the morning but am like a zombie all the time, I also have an epipen now because of swellings in my throat.very bad heart burn with the meds, I did not want to go on steroids on my last visit to docs because im so afraid after reading other postings that it will come back twice as bad when you ween off, also I am an asthmastic and know that I feel very strange on steroids, My doc also gave me some anti imflamatories that made me very sick, these drugs did seem to have an affect and the itching was less intense and the hives not as widespread but because I work shifts I have had to cut the night meds and now I am covered again and my feet have started to swell, my fear is that steroids will be a certainty.
I am sure that something causes this disease and really need to find out what it is, there has been some suggestions of a possible hormone link, I asked my doc and she said she will run some tests after these latest ones. I find it hard to think that I may be stuck with this for years like so many others when Ive always been so active. This is all having such an impact on my personal life and my work life. Ruby