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Re: FDA Warning re AED's

Back to the root of the post. The primary , and unpredictable issues are we will be on medications for the rest of our life in most cases when being treated for seizures. It is not the medication always, however they (professionals) need to look at the patients state of mind, and observe that over time (at least 3 years) to see if there are changes. As well as come back yearly, and seasonally and check on the study persons for another 5 years.

Having to depend on medications to suppress or treat your condition for a lifetime does have a mental effect. That may be what they are trying to get at. Compared to the john doe's that are not needing to take any medications daily.

We are not physically dependent on the medications, but we need them to treat our conditions. It is not an elective medication for us. It may be the feeling of being "chained" to the medications that causes some of the emotional troubles for persons with similar conditions (needing daily medications).