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Re: Daughter's Operation For Oral Cancer

Hi Angela, Actually oral cancer seems to be more common than I thought, too. Seems people that smoke and drink alcohol are so prone to this, as well as people with poor oral care habits. My daughter's type of cancer is treatable according to the surgeon, but going through the operation and being on a treachea is a very scary experience, and a long process getting off that treachea. The bump on her tongue was smaller than a pea, but caused such termoil. I couldn't even see the bump, or feel it with my finger. But my daughter knew it was there, and said it was sore.

Of course daughter is definitely giving up smoking, and that will be a challange she must face....and win!!

Thanks for your concern, and please be very aware of any strange changes anywhere in your body. Can't stress that
fact enough.

Take care!