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Re: Needling,burning,cramping pain in neck & throat under ear worse when move arm

Thanks for your response rayefaye. Yes in answer to your question. I have been on clonazepam for 13years and the entire right side of my body became contracted and weak. Moving my right arm and lifting groceries always caused referred pain to this area and to the jaw bone in the face. ALways had probs with R jaw and trigem area swelling.

I just endured. THere is a lot of spasticity in my throat, oral cavity and facial muscles. Audible clicking to others. I've noticed some deep red scarring at back of soft palate on R side and I get the burning and needling there I figured maybe under the R ear is scarred also.

Now its happening on the left side (visible scarring soft palate) and burning, needling spasming pain plus under left ear same section.

I got to the stage where I was tripping and dropping things, waking up gasping for air and having choking problems which I now realize are difficulty swallowing on R side. I have changed my diet and take small bites.

I am so worried this could be motor neuron disease of sorts.