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Re: Mild to severe C-spine canal steno sis- need your expertise, please!

hey wait a sec, so I wrote you all, a thread on pain and really trying hard to fix myself as I am on Fentanyl now, and its bad bad paid, too long, and I don't now what doctor to call for leg and arm and feet pain, and I have lots of degeneration, some steno sis, and a lot of bulges etc that I have n clue what to do with. I do not know how my first question will be answered and second, its possible I suppose, no one will answer at all. I just read the results of others for now. I am not sure how to find my answer of this same web page the two docs in the yellow background, lead to this board, and not to bother others, but my degen and lesions, have put me down for 2 years. I have only a neuro, but I think another sort of doc does degen work, but due to the lesions, he works on my with temp triggers and botox of the head and neck, and back, jaw and temples, and a dot for safe keeping beside my eyes he is always kind to use the last drop on the 53 year old eye, but I do not beg, as I am a nut about skin and care and sun block, and he is so sweet to keep me, free of wrinkles, but I had the forehead and lower eye fat taken out and laser. Works well at age reduction. But that I know of, and I could be really wrong, no one wrote me back, and I have lots more going on, and not in this life will I ever work, outside of my own home, as I can not carry a pot, without two hands, now. But I think I got no answer to my question. and wanted to know who works on folks with a bunch of steno sis, spondylitis, colitis, bladder loss of nerve, brain lesions, and number arms and pain. The one woman I called and there was an email, and I sent all my mri of 2 years and my SS and LTD responses by docs, as I can't talk doc talk, I just am not well, Any idea how to get an answer, or am I asking too much. I did follow up with the crab tree lead, but no response, and I sent a whole lot of private info, and am very embarrassed, as not that she knows me, I am just a dummy, (another issue) I seem to be very dumb these days. Confused dumb and well fatigue and in pain, so not a very good home person even. I have via my nutritionist found a way to eat, and be alone, and eat well. I am drinking ACAi juice and those super new pro biotic bars Attune, made her in the city of San Francisco, they have a web page I have not explored but should as the product is super and I thank you can order and read about the new food, and it is killer, amazing stuff, all so far only at Safeway, and of course, who is not eating Fish Oil and blueberries if they have inflamed bodies. Jeez I was told that sea food is not good for inflammation disorders if it has a shell, the others like salmon and fist, with omega three are good though, (sure do miss the days of Fresh Crab), and Quinona every day. 1/3 of my body left my structure last year, and docs are very concerned, as I have 5-7 confirmed diagnosis, colitis, migraines, brain lesions, lots scattered, and nerve loss in the bladder, and disc degeneration all over to my butt. We did not mri my legs, and man I wish they did.
the colitis micro, lymphatic, ulcerative and collagenase type, rare and very hard to diagnose, so no stranger to long waits on the diagnosis, but all of this keeps me down for hours a day. Its not even flared, just the type I have, and from 2-12 or all day after the worst is over, I just am glued to porcelain, and am grateful this house has three of them in the living quarters and one in the cooks and maid's area, which we do not use, we are not wealthy, we just got a big house at the right time. Where does one get the answers they ask, and its so embarrassing to find out your name is all over the web, and no answers came.
I love this board anyway, very many good questions and answers despite my loss, I gain by reading this site. The peope are real people in real suffering. That is so helpful, as they tell success stories and also convey trauma too, and you feel whole and part of the world. Thanks to all, all the boards I view, Simone.