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Voice Training - Help me make my voice more manly

Hey there. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on voice training. I want to have a deeper voice. Is there anything that I can do to make my voice sound more manly? I am a man by the way :P Basically I want my voice to be more powerful... like the kind of voice that makes people afraid, not that I want people to fear me, but it is the type of voice I want.

So here's the deal for those that are wondering why I want this... Basically, I am too soft. One can say I am weak. I want to change this. However, my voice as of now is not assertive. It is quite pathetic and no one will take me seriously if I do not change it. Also, I will be doing much training physically. It is my new desire to become strong, in every sense of the word. first, I would like to get superficial strength (voice, body, etc...) while I work on internal strength (not letting people push me around, stop being so passive, etc...)

If there are any tips on the latter I would appreciate that as well.


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