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Re: My husband is not the same man

Thank you for your response you are so correct in the fact that my dh does not want to look week. He is a leader and wants his men and women to never see him weak. Unfortunately at home I am more the leader and he the follower. He never shows weakness anymore and I miss that. I miss the days he would have tears in his eyes if he thought I was mad or hurting. I miss him being loving and sweet. I am now stuck with a shell of what he once was.

We did go to a therapist who specializes in military ptsd type issues. It didn't do much. I guess my complaints are different then how he feels. He does much better now then he did but still not the same. I want to start back some counseling soon at least a few times because he is do to redeploy this summer and I already can see some of the signs starting.

But this time he not only leaves behind me he leaves behind a little 3 yr old boy who wants to be like his daddy, he leaves behind a wife with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia and a household and land to care for. I try to speak in terms of how I will do it and have a nanny set up. I am not going to put upon him my distress. I fear being able to work fulltime care for my child and home alone. But I know I will. I fear mostly what I will get when he returns.

So for now all I can do is hope and pray they do not go and hope that if he does he gets it all out of his system and works past the issues he left there.

Thanks lady for listening.