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I believe i have PPD

Paranoid Personality Disorder.

My mom has a lot of problems, sometimes I think she is literally insane. I have always told myself I would never be like her.

The things she has said to me growing up, I sometimes think is what has triggered what is wrong with me.

I always think people are talking about me, and that they're staring at me, etc.

I get nervous even walking into a gas station to pay for my gas, or walk into a store by myself.

I don't like going places alone.

I'm unmotivated, I really don't care what happens.

I get mad over little things, and afterwards realise, that I was being stupid, but again it happens. I don't catch myself doing it until its already over with.

My friends have gotten tired of me. I find sarcasm is the only way I can be social, because I find that that is the only way people will like me, is if i'm funny.

I strive for attention, I can't help it either, it's hard.

I went to the phyciatrist.... and they believe i am bi-polar? i know i am not bi-polar, it made me mad, because I've been doing research on this for years, and I even explained to them, but they wouldn't listen.

Is there anyone else out there who have any similarities to my problems?

I'm curious, and would like any ones advice.

Thank you.

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