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Re: Daughter's Operation For Oral Cancer

Hi Wanda, Sorry it took so long to answer....last week I ended up in the hospital myself with a heart attack! What a complete surprise; I am fine, though, and had a blockage that was taken care of. My daughter and I came home from the hospital together!

My daughter is 42, and has smoked since she was in her 20's. She also likes beer, and drinks lots of it! Both of these contribute to oral/throat cancer. I can see why your worried about your son. My son used to chew tobacco, which is quite dangerous, but he did stop, and I am so happy for him. Smoking is very hard to stop once you start, and I hope you can talk your son into giving it a try. Both my daughter and I smoked, and we are now quitting; she is 13 days without one, and I am 8. Very difficult, but we have to do it!! Tell your son I am thinking about him, and I hope he can think about quitting, or at least slow down for a start.....

Oh my, sorry to hear about your mom. That is very sad, and quite upsetting. My daughter's brother-in-law just passed from the same thing; he was only 52. May your mom be at peace.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. Appreciate them!! Take care and best to you and son,


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