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Re: I believe i have PPD

I feel as if everyone is staring at me in a room, or when i walk into a room people are talking about me. I find my self not being able to trust anyone, i think my friends are against me, and i always take things the wrong way, well i've been told. i get mad about little things. Friendships are great for me until i become close with someone, then i drive them away somehow...they get tired of me. I recently lost my 3 best friends due to this. It's something I can't change or avoid. I try to. About a year ago, my ex best friend of 8 years, pulled up a web-site and had me look at it defining paranoid personality disorder, and i felt as if it described myself. I was with a guy for close to two years, and we broke up, I became depressed and a slight alcoholic, after i came out of the mess, I didn't know who I was, and i really couldn't remember who I was to begin with, I believe this is when it all started. I'm completey unsure. It's very hard to explain, I used to be able to put things into words, but within the past year and a half, I just really can't explain things anymore.

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