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Vaccine Question?


I'm not looking for a debate here, I'm looking for people's PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. So please don't let this turn into an argumental thread.

My wife and I are just really struggling with whether or not to catch up on vaccinations for our son at his appointment in two weeks. He will be 25 months at the time of his appointment. He hasn't had a vaccine since his 15 month appt. When we saw his developmental delays, we decided to freeze all vaccinations for a little while so he could do EI, therapy, see the Dev. Ped. etc.

He hasn't had MMR at all yet. Many of you have read my posts, so I won't go into his whole story, but he seems to be doing really good and he doesn't have a diagnosis. We just don't want to see a plateau of skills or any regression. Here are my questions:

Do you think 25 months is long enough to delay the MMR?

Should I try to get a referral to have the MMR split up?

Has anyone seen what they feel are negative effects from having the MMR this late?

Should I catch him up on his other vaccinations first, and then do MMR?

My doctor is of course really scaring me and saying that it is risky for him to be over the age of 2 and not have the MMR because he does spend a lot of time around other kids. The doctor was pretty supportive about delaying the shots the first time around, but feels like waiting any longer is not a good idea.

I've done a ton of research on this and I realize there is no "conclusive evidence" either way.

I would really value your opinions and not just the folks that think it's a bad idea.



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