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Re: Vaccine Question?

This topic is being debated widely within the autism research community. There are doctors on both sides of the issue. I agree, the verdict is not in as to whether the vaccinations have any direct cause to the damage to the brain's neurology.

I did not mean to say that I feel the vaccinations are the cause, only that since no one can definitely say that they are NOT the cause, I wouldn't put a potential toxin into my system or my children's system unless the medical community had data to prove the safety and rule out the possibility.

Unfortunately, I did vaccinate both of my children because this debate was not being discussed when they were newborns. I only said that if I heard then what I'm hearing now, I would not do it.

And I do not attribute my son's autism to the vaccinations for the same reason - no one knows for sure what actually causes autism spectrum and related neurological damage to a child. It happens and while the scientists search for the cause all we can do is deal with the result.

From what I've read online, doctors and nurses who are also parents are waiting to do the vaccinations which are required to enter school until their own children's nervous system and brain has developed more, past the toddler stages because they are aware of the potential dangers to a growing brain by introducing mercury which is the agent of the vaccines that is being investigated as the possible culprit.

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