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Re: I believe i have PPD

.. i looked up borderline, that sounds alot like me, i'm still unsure. do you know if it associates with... losing friends due to them being tired of the way you act? i've lost all of my friends within the past week, they said i need to change. but i don't know how. i want to change. i want to keep my friends.
Yes it associates with losing friends because of the way you act.

You aren't PPD...

Can you put together a list using any borderline (or if you think they might be borderline) symptoms, and maybe we might be able to figure some stuff out.

You do need to go back to your Doctor, and report to him, so that he knows that you aren't taking the meds, and he may test you for other physical problems.

Why do your friends think you need to change? That's a good place to start.

Let me know