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Re: Baja's Journey "THE ROAD OUT" Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Alcohol Addiction

Hey baja,
im hanging in there, anyday now I will go to zero, I almost did it today, and went to about 3 pm till taking a dose of 5mgs, didnt even really feel anything, just kinda took the upset stomach away. My anxiety is still rather high in the mornings , but I think most of it is mental. IM only taking 10 mgs a day right now and come friday will take none and get ready for the weekend.
Im definetly going to go to some type of N/A meeting, cause mentaly im really strugling with this. Im still in some moderate pain and keep trying to tell myself I can take theese if I use them for what they are made for , but I know I have to quit and will give it a try this weekend . will let you guys know . probally will be posting alot then . thanks everyone and oh HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BASS