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Re: Bone Marrow Test????

Originally Posted by summerfreedom View Post
Can someone please tell me what to expect with a bone marrow test (biopsy and aspiration of fluid).
My doctor did explain the procedure to me a little bit. What else are they looking for besides leukemia?
I have a low WBC in the 2.3 range.
Years ago I had a blood transfusion (a few units) and they are also looking at other possibilities as to my low WBC, but didn't elaborate.
I also have other health problems and I am on medication all of which they said are not a factor in my low WBC.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
It's not that bad. I've had 2 done in 3 months. The back of your leg will feel what they like to call pressure. I like to call it a leg cramp. If you breath slowly in and slowly out the pain is less. Also don't look at the needle! Think of a favourite place, and try to forget what is appening to you. The breathing really does help. Also ask if you can lay on your side, it's less pain than laying on your stomach. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes, and it's over. The discomfort you feel wil be over once they are done. Good luck, and I do hope they don't find anything, and that you are healthy.