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Re: crown ruined root canal

"now you have to be toothless? or are they pushing you to get an implant? thats like 3500.00. keep us posted!!"

Wow your good! It's true I have been toothless and I believe he assumes he will do an implant as we were planning on putting in one behind where this now missing tooth is. But after the kind of work I have received so far I am naturally inclined to opt out on any major work like implants. The dentist doesn't know yet that I have decided to go with a denture and a mini implant instead
It's more than likely that I will be going out of state to a denturist to get the denture as I have already gone through excessive tribulations when it comes to letting a dentist or prosthodontist attempt to fit me with a denture through a a lab technician who I never even see. This kind of practice has got to change as it denies patients the right to have dentures that actually fit.