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Question Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?

Hello all. I have a question, has anyone here experienced "break outs" with taking B12 Pills or Iron Pills (Slow Fe)? I have been breaking out for about four months now, and now that I look back on it, that is about when I started both Iron Pills and B12 Pills. I have been breaking out on my scalp, behind my ears and the space between the back of my ears and my head, all around my hair-line (the whole way around my head), around the back of my neck and my chest, my upper back and shoulders. I mentioned it to the Doctor last month, and she just said it could be because of the "dry weather". I don't believe that one LOL. I haven't broken out like this since I was a teenager!! Even then, I never broke out on my scalp! I am not sure what is causing it and it is making me mad! I have not used any new detergents or soaps or anything, so I am not sure what is causing it.

I go to a Dermatologist (for the first time) in April, but that is for the brown patches that are on my face, although if I still have this break out stuff, I will tell her. Just wanted to post here to see if anyone else experiences this at all??


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