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Re: Has Anyone Experienced Break Outs With B12 Or Iron Pills?

Low ferretin can affect our hormones from what my doctor has told me. I began experiencing bad monthly cycles and it worsened as my ferretin fell lower and lower, but i never connected the two. My doctor has told me as my ferretin improves so should the hormones affecting my cycles.

I have noticed approx 8 or so months ago that my skin and scalp became oilier. I used to have very oily forehead and scalp as a teen and the older i got it cleared up. In the past few months i've had the odd pimple appear around my chin area which i have never experienced in my entire life, i dont get them on a daily basis, just every so often. I have wondered whether a higher ferretin amount has done something to my system. Perhaps it's a phase and it takes time for the body to adjust and when it does everything will go back to normal. It could also be hormones readjusting.

I like to use a good mud mask to draw out the impurities from the pores in the skin. I find it refreshing and excellent when skin is a bit on the oilier side. Mine is only my forehead, the rest is fine. My shoulder area can have a tendency to get a bit oilier than the rest of my skin, but no breakouts there. Have you changed your diet in any way and do you drink much water?

I will ask my doctor next time i speak to him. He is fairly cluey on all things to do with iron deficiency and how it affects the body. I have to go get test results hopefully on monday so will ask him.