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Re: Voice Training - Help me make my voice more manly

Originally Posted by crippledwarrior View Post
Does anyone know if singing exercises will do it? Or maybe if I work out a lot and keep on pushing myself? I can almost understand how it works. It seems like my voice should originate from my chest...
are you saying you have a voice like mike tyson? or are you jsut a high tenor and want to be a baritone? or are you saying you have the sterotypical homosexual voice?

A deep voice doesnt' necessarily make you come off as a tough guy. Its attitude and how you carry yourself. you have to know that your just as good as the guy next to you and you have to know that if push comes to shove you can shove right back and stand your ground.

good luck in transforming yourself but its not as easy as just packing on muscle or talking deeper.