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Re: Thoughts: Determining If A Doctor/Facility Is "Good"

As far as surgeon, in the end you should go with your gut. But to find out more info, you can ask Nurses at the hospitals; ask any co-workers, if you work, ask friends & aquaintances; and another good place to ask is Physical Therapists if you go to or have gone to any. I got a few doctors names from my PT's b/c they ask their patients about their doctors and get feedback if people like them or not. They also see the patients after surgeries and see any problems they might have. When I was in the hospital getting my pre-op testing, the nurses asked me who was doing my surgery and when I told them, they said thats who they would want doing theirs or I made the right choice, so that upped my confidence more in my surgeon. My PT gave me the name of this surgeon as well. I also got to speak to some of his patients as a couple were going to PT same time as me. SO that's another thing to do, ask if he would mind you talking to patients. Find out how many of your particular surgerys he/she's done and ask alot of questions.