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Re: Thoughts: Determining If A Doctor/Facility Is "Good"

You got good advice from Baybreeze. Also, there are websites where you can "grade" doctors and hospitals. I just went back and looked at one I've been on and it does have some ads on it, so I guess that makes it a commercial site. So I can't give you the link, but I'm sure you can find some of those sites. You can rate your own doctor and see how others have rated him and how he stands up to the national average. Of course, a first hand recommendation is always better. If you know any nurses, they're great sources for finding a good doctor and know the inside scoop on the hospitals.

When I had my last fusion surgery, a friend who used to be a nurse at that hospital told me, "they're good at losing glasses and dentures." I don't wear dentures, or I'd be toothless now! Fortunately, my glasses were on my face when they scooped the case up with the dirty linen and sent it to the laundry. Never saw it again, even though it was labeled on both sides with my official hospital label and my name real big. Not that big a deal, but the nurses do know what goes on on the inside, which doctors have a good reputation with the patients and staff, who has a higher infection rate, etc.

My two cents worth...