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Re: Anyone treated themselves for parasites

There are different brands of "Cleansing programs" that are suppose to rid your body of toxins, and parasites. If you do an internet search you will probably find thousands of hits. My suggestion there would be to research and see if any sound worthy of trying.

I also think that a doctor would be you're only way of knwing for sure if you have a parasite and what kind. As another poster said, they'd most likely find them in a stole sample or in blood work. My guess, of course, is that you'd have to tell them that you think or worry about having a parasite and request that they look specifically for that.

If a doctor finds anything they'd probably (I'm only guessing b/c I've never been told I have a parasite!) that they'd prescribe a medication that would rid you of them. I've heard of cases where people have had tape worms that have had to be surgically removed.

If you're really worried, or think you most likely have one, I suggest asking a doctor to check it out.

Things to do to avoid the risk of parasites is to avoid undercooked meat, wash all fruits and veggies thoroughly as well as your hands, especially after dealing with raw meat, unhygenic areas, children (I believe it's "pinworms" that are easily passed on from kids to kids, b/c they scratch in places then continue playing!) So just practice good hygene and general cleanliness!!