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Re: Anyone Here Canadian Too?

Oh my dear... You've been through the mill. I'm sorry.

On my PC, I keep a file, titled "Dumb Docs", of horror stories that people on the board have told at the hands of the so-called medical "profession". I put your post in my file as an example of Quackism at its finest. Does that woman actually have a diploma on her wall? I'd have to see it to believe she does.

I am not Canadian, but our thyroids don't know the difference. You will find some help here, even though I can't help you much with finessing the Canadian health service - which, if I may be blunt - can be the pits from what I've seen. It's hard for you to make demands on a tax-supported system, from what others say.

You, my dear, are very hypothyroid and probably have been at least since mid-pregnancy. That "MD" who threw you out of the office should be run out of the profession! There is no excuse for that kind of treatment toward a patient. I can only hope that someday she'll run into a few doctors of her own who'll treat her the same as she has abused you. Karma. What goes around, comes around... you know?

The fact that you have positive ANAs and a family history of hypoT means that your thyroid disease is autoimmune in nature. You must insist on having tests for specific thyroid antibodies... namely, TPO and Tg antibodies.
The high TSH coupled with basement-level FT4 means you are hypothyroid and need treatment for it... now!

I confess I skimmed through the less relevent parts of your post... forgive me for that... but I got the important gist of it. If this is a new primary doc you're going to see, read up on autoimmune hypothyroidism before you go and feel assured that your labs prove you have it. Don't leave the office without a prescription for levothyroxine to treat it. I strongly suggest you prepare yourself by reading up on the basics of thyroid function and dysfunction. Thyroid for Dummies by Dr. Alan Rubin is the best book I know of for that purpose.

Please let us know how it turns out!