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Prostatitis or BPH - Urinary Issues


I'm a 34 y/o male who, for the past (3) weeks has been having some urinary issues which consist of the following:

• Strong urge to urinate again within 10 – 15 minutes after finishing urination. There are some times that as soon as I drink something, I’ll have to urinate within 5 – 10 minutes.
• Dribbling/leaking a small amount of urine (a few drops) when bending down to pick something up or lifting something heavy or cough. This can happen at any time and not just directly after finishing urination. (Stress Incontinance)
• Strong urge to urinate if any pressure is placed on lower abdomen.
• Urine stream stopping/starting intermittently during urination along with weak and split stream. (This only lasted a few days and seems to have resolved itself)

I get up several times during the night to urinate but this has been going on for years. It was only in the last (3) weeks that the other symptoms listed above began. I haven't ran a fever with these symptoms.

I went to my GP two weeks ago after having these symptoms for a week. MY GP ran a urinalysis to check from a UTI or Bladder Infection. Both tests came back negative. He also gave me a standard "finger stick" blood sugar test which he said was normal @ (94). He seemed concerned about the dribbling/leaking and he gave me a referral to see a Urologist. Unfortunately, they couldn't get me in for two weeks. My appointment is coming up this Thursday.

I hate to self diagnose, but based on my own research this sounds like Prostatitis or BPH (although I've read that BPH usually only occurs in those over 50 y/o). Any ideas? Also, what is the standard testing procedure to diagnose prostatitis? Can they diagnose this from a DRE? Also, is a DRE painful?

I had a Vasectomy (3) years ago. Could this have anything to do with my issues?

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