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Impending PPH Surgery - not fixing the fissures at the same time

I am 28 year old woman and am going in for PPH surgery tomorrow morning at the AL Colon and Rectal Institute. I have stage 3 internal hemorrhoids. I also have 1, possibly 2 fissures and a tag (possible fistula) but doc said she is not going to deal with the fissures at this time because she is afraid to do "too much" with that muscle at one time. She says time off of work will only be 1 week, but possibly more if she has to "cut below the pain line". I told work one to two weeks to be safe and they're great about that. I didn't think I would...but I'm getting nervous. In a way, I wish that they could just fix all my problems at the same time...but don't want to lose control, if you know what I mean. Doc's reasoning for not doing it all at one time is that doing "too much" may have a negative effect on my ability to "hold it" and that the fissures may heal on their own after the hemorrhoid surgery. I kind of doubt that as I've had the fissures for years now...but it is possible. I'm ready to have a normal butt though as the bleeding and paid are unbearable at times (rivaling labor pains I had with my 2 kids). Anybody had a similar experience? How about the PPH with hemorrhoids only? Needing a little encouragement. Thanks.

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