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Re: Mono / Ebv for the second time -really bad! Anyone else have it more than once?

Hi - sorry to hear about your symptoms. i had a virus last year that lasted 8 months...not mono, but some wierd mutated bug that wouldn't let go of my glands and throat. i also thought i was dying from some terrible disease (who has a sore throat for 8 months?) and i wonder how much the anxiety played into this virus. anyways, some of your symptoms sound familiar (weak, fatigue, light headed - this can be all anxiety...). as for the racing heart, it is also likely a symptom of anxiety, but someone once told me that being dehydrated could elevate your heart rate, too. sounds strange, but are u drinking enough? hope you feel better soon. i know how hard it is to be responsible of taking care of everyone and being worried and ill yourself......

best, c

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