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Re: Mono / Ebv for the second time -really bad! Anyone else have it more than once?

Thank you all for posting, and I'm sorry to hear your stories too! Glad all is well now. That is promising.

I got the reults from my holter/echo today from the cardiologist, and everything is okay. I told her about the mono/epv results and asked if it could have caused the tachycardia, and the rate to be resting high. She said yes, it could definitely be a response to that. She said she could give me medicine, but thinks once this goes away, the h/r will stabilize.

I just feel so darn awful, it's like the worst flu ever!! And for some odd reason, though I am fatigued, my brain is like wired and it is hard to sleep. Go figure.

I am going to try posting this in the infectious disease forum as well. I have posted it in the immune disease forum also. I am not sure where it belongs but I know I have seen past threads on ebv so there has to be other people out there.