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Epidural complications - anyone have this happen?

I had a epidural through my tailbone to get cortisone up to my L4/L5 nerve roots which were believed to be inflamed. The pain doctor didn't want to go straight in through my back because he would go through scar tissue from my surgery I had Nov. 1st. So he went in through my tailbone and fed the needle up lengthwise.

I crawl up on the table, face down. They gave me a VERY mild sedative. I was barely affected. Then I think they numbed the area because I didn't even feel the needle go in. Then he starts the procedure. Suddenly, I felt like someone dropped a truck on my legs. I was going to get off the table. They said whoa, hold on, it will pass, just hold on.

Then the second wave of pain came. Now the truck backed up onto my lower back and the intensity level went twice as high. Once again yelling at me to calm down.... I held on, they said it was over. The pain started dropping off after about 5 minutes and subsided almost completely within about 10 minutes.

It was clear that I was in pain during the procedure, So they knew that. But I didn't tell them it was my legs. Looking back on it, I probably should have told them what they were doing to me - that it was my legs that were in so much pain. ?? But no one even prepared me for it, explained that I should let them know if I get leg pain or whatever. At the time, I was in so much pain I couldn't think straight anyway. I was in basic carnal "fight or flee" mode.

That was Thursday morning. Through Friday and today, my legs now have more pain than they have EVER had. I would say my leg nerves are in about twice as much pain than before this procedure. I called the nurse at the pain clinic yesterday, she thinks maybe I had "steroidal shock" or something like that. She hopes it will pass within a few days.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, the headaches. Does this mean that he accidentially punctured the sack around my spinal cord and it leaked some fluid? Or could the headaches come from something else?

If he punctured the sack (or dural?) then could he have damaged the nerves going to my legs?

By the way, the doctor wouldn't talk to me after the procedure, he acted like he was too busy. I think maybe he knew he screwed it up. ???

Thanks for any advice.

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